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The author of Who Rules Philanthropy? Marc Gunther faced backlash which isn’t surprising considering the current political climate. However, when a reader accused him of “cherry picking” organizations to point out racial disparities in philanthropy, I felt compelled to respond.

If the accusation is true, perhaps all the philanthropy and nonprofit journals and data are wrong, too. …

American Snapshot October

Sleepless, stressed, depleted and depressed

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Sleepless, Stressed, Depleted and Depressed

These are the 4 words that capture my state of mind, mental capacity and financial status at the moment.

I can count on one hand how many nights I’ve had a good night’s sleep. I’ve spent most of 2020 literally by myself — separated and isolated from family and friends. I’m single with zero prospects and why would I even attempt to bring someone into my life in limbo?

I’m laid off, looking for jobs and contracts. Unemployment doesn’t answer calls or emails. …

Thursday, January 14, 2021 on Clubhouse

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Host: Dr. Aparajita (Dr. AJ), Cultural Competency Club

The moderators: Dr. Aparajita (Dr. AJ), Dr. Bryan Hotchkins, and Berhenda facilitated a deeply moving and highly emotional discussion about racial battle fatigue. People from various ethnic, cultural backgrounds and identities shared how self and perceived racial identity has impacted their lives; and the emotional and psychological toll of being a minority or “other”. A lot of topics were covered from imposter syndrome to identity politics, solidarity, and the struggle and sacrifices made when some of us advocate for ourselves and others.

The conversation was cathartic, highly informative and reminded us we are not alone…The next topic that might be explored is cultural competent parenting. …

Dropping gems and creating community

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Update: Tuesday, January 12, 2020

Adrienne Samuels Gibbs, Allison Gaines and I held a recap for the writers who couldn’t attend Sunday’s #WOC meeting on the Clubhouse app. It was a great conversations with fantastic writers and editors. Here are the key points:

  • Follow and stay up to date with Medium’s formatting guidelines and platform changes. For the best and latest information from Medium’s editors and leadership team, Adrienne and Allison suggested:

Editing tips

  • Use Grammarly or a reading app to read your story back to you
  • Take your time between edits, preferably overnight. “Sleep on it” and look at the piece with fresh eyes
  • Be a kind critic — if you see a typo (which you probably will with my writing) please leave a private note (not a public comment) by highlighting the text and look for the little pad lock…

Call me Sista Hypocrite, because I’ve been working on a love letter to my fellow Black sisters for two years and it’s still not done. It’s one of the hardest pieces I’ve tried to write. I couldn’t find my authentic voice and flow until I had an epiphany: I can’t write what I don’t know.

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For so long, I’ve struggled to truly love and accept myself, flaws and all. I haven’t been honest, consistent or fully present with myself. I just started practicing self-care and giving myself a little grace and patience.

To my sisters who watched and experienced me NOT practicing what I preach: I humbly and sincerely apologize. …

Thank God for writing — because writing saved my life and sanity. I truly don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t write. Whitney sang, “Where do broken hearts go?”

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I ask where do broken, silenced and oppressed voices go when we’re living in chaos and scarcity? Where do we go when others tell us we’re a monolith of poverty, broken English, loose morals, and criminal intent?

I escape to written words and verse… First, it was a hobby now it’s like hunger and thirst…

I wanted to tell happy, cautionary tales, stories of triumphs and what I learned when I…

New app — brings new opportunities

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My name is Teressa and I am a writer and editor on Medium. I am also a budding entrepreneur and seasoned development consultant well versed and passionate about:

  • Cultural competency
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in all levels of business, philanthropy, government, finance, and health care
  • Social justice
  • Capacity building with a focus on strategic planning and mutually beneficial partnerships

And I just discovered the Clubhouse App.

I started the #ClubhouseAppRecap on Twitter and thought it might be a good idea to start a Medium publication recapping and highlighting some of the great discussions happening every day.

Full transparency, we are not affiliated with the Clubhouse app. However, I would love to partner with Clubhouse and/or Clubhouse leaders and get sponsorship from Medium publications so writers and editors can be compensated. However, I know this is wishful thinking. …

I never thought I’d see the day I’d miss holiday pot lucks and smooth jazz party music, but I do. I really, really do. I hated office parties, but I’ve been hunkered down in the honeycomb hideout since March 2020 because of the ‘Rona. Working from home and the socially distanced holiday season has me reminiscing about forced festive bonding and my party routine:

  • Dancing awkwardly by myself
  • Only eating dishes I prepared, store-bought items, or dishes I know were prepared by people who don’t let their pets “help” with food prep
  • Sitting close to the door, watching my boss get super soaked in beer and wine and sneaking out a little bit early to avoid the awkward alcohol influenced…

My $600 stimulus check was deposited today. While I’m grateful, now I have to decide where to divide my bounty. Will it go to pay part of my rent, health insurance or groceries.

When rich people decide what poor people need it’s always sad, demeaning and grossly inaccurate. The majority of working poor people don’t qualify for “entitlements” like food stamps, low income housing or rental assistance. We are penalized for trying to work. We don’t make enough to pay market rent and make too much for real assistance.

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The politicians love talking about “the middle class” forgetting that they are quickly descending to the lower class — which seems to be invisible. Most middle class families are 1 paycheck away from homelessness and poverty. …


Tee, Conscious Creative

Editor of Conscious Creatives: Matriarch, Educator, Advocate, Strategist, Humorist, Foodie, Nurturer, Dreamer, Lover of Art, Music, Humanity, Healing Survivor

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